Rural Hospital Closure: Pauls Valley Hospital Forced to Shut Down


Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center is forced to shut down, after many years of financial struggles. Consequently, over 100 hospital employees will lose their jobs and the community of 6,200 will be deprived of a health care center. The hospital served Pauls Valley and surrounding areas in Garvin County.

“It’s very disheartening. It’s a sad, sad situation,” said Mayor Gary Alfred. “We did everything we knew, that we could have. It hadn’t worked.” The fundamental problem was the funding required to meet payroll, “When you have no money you can use as accounts receivable, you can’t run a hospital,” Alfred said.

Officials have received a few inquiries from organizations wanting to take over the hospital. However, it’s too early to know if these take off. In the meantime, many residents are overwhelmed and disappointed.


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